Satellite Communication

Antenna Feeds

We design a wide range of antennas, which is the heart of communication systems. We have excellency in different types of antenna designs such as horn antenna, dielectric rod antenna, slotted waveguide antenna for multiple bands, and single band. The applications of these antennas in communication systems (satellite & telecommunication ) and earth stations, maritime services, radar, defense. Our engineers provide a range of operating frequency for the design of the antenna, which is from 1GHz to 32GHz. We also provide the custom designed antenna as per the client requirement.


The antenna feed system is the essential part  between the antenna beam shaping and first amplifier of the receiver. It is more complicated  to meet the specific criteria but our engineers have the ability to challenge the criteria and achieve it . We provide the customized antenna feed system, which meets the client’s specifications. Our engineers provide the different types of antenna feeds, which are waveguide tee, waveguide rotary joint, waveguide bends E-bend & H-bend, waveguide transition, waveguide termination and waveguide miter bends. All types of feed network differ as per the operating frequency, dimensions and material. The antenna feed system is generally used in the field of radar and satellite communication.

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